Psychological Treatments For Schizophrenia Disorder

Psychological Treatments For Schizophrenia Disorder

Schizophrenia is a type of a mental disorder, which makes the people affected by this disorder to act abnormally. They tend to imagine many incidents and consider them to have happened when they haven’t happened in reality. They hallucinate and have delusions of incidents. They cannot think properly and since they hallucinate they have problems in their behavior too. This mental disorder should be considered as personality disorder which is completely another type of mental disorder. Individuals suffering from this incident even imagine about hearing voices which clouds their normal thinking and force them even to lead a life with fear and stress.

Cause for this Schizophrenia
The actual cause for this mental disorder is not known until now. Research is still going on finding out the actual cause of this disorder. The researchers have given out reasons that genetics and environment are the major cause for this disorder. Neurologists have explained that the difference in the structure of the brain can also be the cause of this disorder. Even the brain chemicals can cause this disorder. Evidence for the exact reason for this disorder is still being searched as we speak.

Therapy for this disorder
The major treatment provided for this disorder is psychotherapy where a psychotherapist is met on a regular basis. This therapy can be even called as talk therapy where the patient affected by the problem is made to talk about their hallucinations and their delusions. The talk with the psychologist helps them to realize what reality is and understand their imaginations. It is basically a counseling approach which helps to respond to any challenging situations strongly. There are many types of therapy which can be advised for this disorder. On meeting a psychologist and after an initial setting a specific therapy can be followed to get well from this problem.

What are other disorders that may affect mental health?
The disorder may vary in types. These disorders are not only affecting the health of a person but also the growth of his body. Some of this disorder is mentioned below:-

Anxiety disorders – This is one of the mental disorders where an individual reacts to certain incidents combined with fear, and they dread a lot to face it. The physical symptoms of this disorder are anxiety and nervousness. This can also be combined with sweating and heavy heart beat. A psychologist can help in calming the nerves and thus this can be cured.

Mood Disorders- Mood Disorders are also known as affective disorders. They can be felt as a continuous feeling of being sad. There might be even some periods where the individual is extremely happy. This fluctuating mood disorder can be still divided into depression, bipolar and mania disorders.

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