Anxiety – A Part Of Life Today

Anxiety – A Part Of Life Today

As the world is getting busier with every passing moment, the array of problems in man’s life is also getting more complex and varied than ever before. Humans suffer from more complex physical ailments and mental disorders nowadays, than in the previous centuries, or even the earlier decades, so to speak. And to combat these problems people are continuously and relentlessly working towards finding newer and more improved solutions.

With the advancement in civilization people have become aware about the fact that possessing a sound mental health is integral to functioning properly as a complete human being. Thus they do not hesitate to go to an anxiety clinic and seek help of the professionals to deal with their day-to-day stress or more serious fits of anxiety. The age old taboos about mental illnesses have also been thrown away by the logical outlook of the modern man. They understand that physical and mental health is closely knitted with each other and when they fall sick physically, their mental health is also similarly affected, and vice-versa. So, it is very important to pick up a healthy lifestyle and to take care of the mind too to possess a complete well-being.

People from different age groups heading towards their nearest anxiety clinic in Sydney – it has become a common picture around the globe. While in adults occupational or professional life is the general source of stress, in children and adolescents the burden of study and career related expectations, peer pressure and broken families are the commonest reasons behind anxiety disorders.Adults, when fallen victim to anxiety, fail to perform, act or create; they cannot communicate properly, manage their anger or time; they lose patience very easily. Thus, they lose their confidence and become less communicative. Anxiety comes in the way of the usual course of their daily living – personal, social or professional. In children and adolescents, irritability and increased level of anger and annoyance is a noticeable sign of anxiety disorder. Fast breathing, panic, excessive sweating, parched tongue and throat and palpitation are the physical symptoms of anxiety, and they need to be addressed with care and urgency.

In the present time, every school employs a certified psychiatrist or counsellor of their own to deal with the various mental or psychological issues of the growing children and adolescent students. They, as in most professional clinics, employ the highly effective cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome the anxiety disorders in students. After all, being competitive and having unhealthy stress are two different things altogether. Psychologists prescribe different mental exercises, breathing exercises, and even physical exercises to get a hold of the anxiety pangs. Medications may be needed in some severe cases while counselling only heals the most anxiety-related disorders.

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